Great Tasting Menu

100,00 /per person

100,00 /per person
147,00 /per person

Oyster with corn juice

Scarlet shrimp with roasted onion and carrots

Marinated red tuna with pine nuts and leek confit
Squid in its juice
Grilled foie gras with pears, coffee and Pedro Ximénez

Red seabream with wall-rocket

Goat cannelloni with chanterelle mushrooms

Roasted pigeon with gnocchis and pumpkin
Tahiti Vanilla cream with citrus fruits
Manga, goats cheese and basil

Pistachios, red prickly pears and Rosemary

Petit fours

The menu items may vary due to the seasonality and criteria of the chef.

For previous experiences and on the recommendation of our guests, we only welcome children over 9 years old.

Due to the complexity of the menu and the difficulty involved, we do not adapt the tasting menu for vegetarians and vegans.